Welcome to Behind The Posts!

By Cornflake

Thanks for joining me Behind The Posts! This is the first piece on the site, so a good chance to introduce my ideas for creating it and the big global (or local) domination plan for the future!

Launched in August 2019, Behind The Posts is website aimed to deliver you news, reports and opinions on all things rugby, with a touch of humour attached!

My focus for a start will be to run the site in tandem with my YouTube channel (Cornflake) and mainly on the upcoming 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan! Alongside that will be predominantly Southern Hemisphere rugby and the All Blacks as I kick this off alone.

The big rugby event of 2019, The Rugby World Cup in Japan!

As soon as possible, I would love to have more coverage into the full scope of world rugby! With it, gathering writers to join the cause to deliver all the best pieces from around the globe!

Does this sound like you? Get in touch!

The Home of Rugby is the starting point. The Home of Sport, is the goal! If you love sport, welcome home. If you love writing, join the team Behind The Posts!

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